What is Get Real Creative?

We want our name to reflect the broad set of services we offer to help you and your business. It’s all about getting real:

  1. Creating a strong brand image for your target audience to have a real connection with.
  2. Building a high-quality website that serves its real purpose.
  3. Making the most out of your social media marketing strategy to get real results.

Get Real Creative, Our Mission

We are a creative collective. We are a diverse bunch of people spread across borders and united by the same mission. That is, to make the online world a more authentic and beautiful place to immerse oneself in.

The founders

Our Story

Everything started with two university friends in Bonn, Germany, who had some creative ideas and turned them into a collaboration. First for their faculty, then for their friends’ start-ups, and then for other companies in Germany. But, staying within one small market wasn’t a goal for either of them

So, in April 2017, our company was finally incorporated in Estonia with the unique government-backed program called e-residency. This step took us beyond borders and opened a new world to us, and with it, new exciting relationships: with new industries, new places, and new partners who shared our mission.

Celebrating Jewish New Year with one of our clients
Celebrating Jewish New Year
with our clients at their exhibition
WordCamp Europe
Connecting with fellow experts of the WordPress community at WCEU 2019 in Berlin

This entrepreneurial and forward-thinking environment has proven to be a great base, especially as it is fully online, so we continue growing from there and connecting with new people who share our mission.

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