R24 – Online Shop For Traditional Amulets

  • Project Info

    • Client: Memiti Co., Ltd.
    • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
    • Year: 2021
    • Our Role: Partner Agency For Web Development
    • Partners: Ecomidea
    • Link: r24.co.th
    • Tools & Tech: Server Setup & Management, Cloudflare, WooCommerce Extension Creation & Customization
  • Client’s goal

    R24 Thailand is an online shop for traditional amulets and natural products made in Thailand.

    Before launching the online shop, Memiti has already built a very successful sales platform on the TV network. Therefore, the goal was not to build an online shop from scratch but to be able to redirect a large number of potential buyers onto the new platform. Besides that, the new website would become a central place for order management and would also accommodate the sales representatives working on phone and messengers.

    1. Creating A Reliable E-Commerce Platform

    In cooperation with our partner in Thailand, Ecomidea, we were responsible for creating an online shop that would also become a central sales hub for the client.

    We set up a system based on WordPress & WooCommerce and used several techniques for enhanced security and reliability.

  • R24, Composition 1

    2. Responsive Online Shop

    As for the shop itself, we have made it fully responsive and have programmed some special features that help customers to have the best shopping experience. For example, a wishlist feature and a ‘buy now’ feature for quickly buying one single product.

  • R24 – Composition 2

    3. Amulets & Personalized Engravings

    Amulets are a special product category in this shop, for which we made custom templates and one unique feature. This feature is personalized engravings. Some of the amulets can receive engravings. A customer can type an eleven-letter inscription to be engraved on an amulet of choice. Our solution supports any combination of amulet variations in a single cart: none or multiple items with no engraving, or several different engravings per item, or a combination of these.


    Being a partner and working with Get Real Creative Collective is like a perfect match for our company. We can expand to more markets with this cooperation and count on them to deliver high standards. My clients are very satisfied with the quality of work. We will absolutely recommend this team for turning your business into reality!

    — Fern Chanokporn Sudthinon, Founder of Ecomidea, ThailandFern C. S.