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Legal Living Hub

Client’s Goal

Legal Living Hub is a startup by Olga Eichmann, our partner for all things legal, that started in 2024. Olga’s mission is to support freelancers and small enterprises in being legally compliant while doing business digitally, whether it’s administration, data privacy implementation, or e-commerce.

Legal Living Hub focuses on startups and young entrepreneurs without excluding medium-sized and bigger companies. The brand identity communicates elegance and competence while also reflecting Olga’s warm nature.

Branding, Print, Website.

Cologne, Germany.

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The first step was to get a full understanding of the idea, mission and vision of the project using our onboarding questionnaire. Once we had the results, we began independently brainstorming suitable names before merging our results and finding the best fit, for which we would also have a suitable and available domain name and for which there wouldn’t be any existing trademarks.

The result was ‘Legal Living Hub’, which fits the idea of building a hub that combines a knowledge base and a workshop platform around the topic of compliance.

The term ‘legal living’ refers to a lifestyle of abiding by the law and taking the responsibility to act morally and ethically in daily life. At the same time, this name allows for growth and scalability in the long term, as it doesn’t limit Olga to any narrow area of law.

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