We Build, Care & Guide

We help your brand to stand out with a comprehensive and authentic brand image. We help you get real with your target audience and uncover your brand’s full potential.

Besides that, we make sure that your websites and e-commerce stores run smoothly at all times, without slowdowns or interruptions. Our goal is for you to be able to rely on us at all times, so we take care of the technical details, and you can focus on growing your business.

Our Mission

We exist to empower brands worldwide with the tools and knowledge for building, growing, and delivering exceptional products.

What Makes Us Different


We won‘t disappear the morning after a project. We deliver, teach, and guide. And we stay by your side.

Flexible & Joyful

Our motivation is our craft. We don‘t design from 9 and code to 5. We are fueled by creative joy.


Our multicultural background enables us to handle culturally sensitive topics and understand diversity.

Transparent & Efficient

Half-done results? Bugs in production? Not with us. We‘ll continue refining until you‘re 100% content, and we are proud of the result.

Janis Freimann

Janis Freimann

Technical Director

Janis has been writing scripts and building websites since he was 15 years old. He has seen the internet evolve and worked with different solutions. He knows how to explain complex technical matters in simple words, so you know what we are doing behind the scenes.

Giang Lu Kim

Creative Director

Giang has had a passion for art and creativity since she was young. She eventually digitalized her skills and began helping brands across countries and cultures showcase their true potential. Additionally, she mentors those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of brand growth.