CAO – Traditional Vietnamese restaurant

  • Project Info

    • Client: Van To Huynh
    • Location: Trier, Germany
    • Year: 2019
    • Our Role: Logo Design
    • Link: @cao.trier
    • Tools & Tech: Adobe CC

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    The Project

    We were contracted to create a logo design for a restaurant in Germany that focuses on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

    The client wanted the logo to reflect the traditional Vietnamese food culture, and at the same time to be minimalistic and elegant. The foundation of the logo became the shape of the bowl, in which the most traditional dish, Pho (a rice noodle soup with beef brisket) is served.

  • 2. Sketches & Mood board

    After sketching some ideas, creating a mood board, and discussing them with the client, we created a mockup out of the chosen design for the client to see. It was important to create the logo in different variations and colors for different purposes.