Mott Mobile Systeme – 100-year-old Manufacturing Company

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Client’s Goal

Mott Mobile Systeme is a manufacturing company with a long-lasting tradition in its field. Naturally, the company has multiple business directions with different respective websites.

From the beginning of our cooperation in 2022, Mott needed a reliable technological provider to help renew and optimize the websites, as well as to take care of the hosting and maintenance of those websites.

HSBB:Mott Mockup

The Solution

We helped set up a WordPress Multisite system for their international online shop that needed to be available in different languages, currencies, and unit formats (metric/imperial) to target the countries across different continents that Mott is selling their products to and make the user experience intuitive and tailored to the local standards. Besides that, we set up a CDN-powered system to ensure that the website is reachable and fast-loading no matter where in the world someone is accessing it from.